The Center of the Earth

Five hundred years ago both ordinary people and enlightened minds knew the Earth to be the center of the World and felt part of its cosmic mission. Someone needed to change the row of cause and effect, and as a result the Earth for an average person became a grain of sand among the endless spaces of unknowable universe. Thus, humans themselves, with their own hands, that is, with their own conscience, turned their own external into a strange hostile force surrounding the planet on all sides, forever locking the humankind within the limits of the globe.

The limited, finite, is always limited in its term of existence. What is happening to the society and nature today confirms this axiom: the civilization has used up its time and its fate is forthcoming awful death. The fact that society does not react to the obvious and behaves as if nothing is happening is confirmed by the known thesis that most people are not capable of thinking independently and in everyday life, they just follow accepted behavioral patterns. In fact, the masses should be referred not to the class of cogitative soul, but to the category of biorobots deprived of the self-preservation instinct. A common opinion on the clip thinking of the recent generations is also a wink at nothing; artificial intellectual systems act on this principle, but not a free rogue mind.

One hundred sixty years ago people firmly believed in the Creator of all things living. Someone had to replace the faith in the world creation by the “evolution theory”, which is not confirmed by anything. This is how man became a descendant of an ape but used to be the image and likeness of the Creator. The ape does not think of the eternal. It wants to fill its stomach and mate with one of its own; it does not know or want to know what will happen tomorrow.

Science will not let me lie: one of the principles of the crisis-free developing system will be a repeating cycle, a regular transition from the end to the beginning. This principle was rejected by the evolution, catching on the Hegel’s “law” of transfer of quantity into quality, when everything is forever self-improving, and no one needs a Creator. But there are side effects appearing – power of the strong over the right, all-permissiveness, rejection of the supreme, etc. There will be no cycle with such “evolution”. The end will not transfer into beginning, but there will be degeneration and рас-творение (dis-solution).

This is what must be known. For energy, the World must be dual, opposing itself. In the world process there is always paired, on-coming transfer of quantity into quality and of quantity into quality – coevolution of both a single event and the multi-universe as a whole.

Coevolution is a cycle technology in the equation of unequal, when there are two poles different in everything; and the connection between them is a conditionally vertical double axis, which is known as world axis in ontology. Everything that happens to the event, ap(↑)pears(↓) on its axis, and it is unique.

In coevolution, if the top pole is entire knowledge, the bottom one is dispersed information, if integration is on the top, on the bottom there is differentiation, if on the top there is Creator creating justice, on the bottom there is a rampaging beast. What do you think, is the society you belong to and possibly serve closer to the top or bottom on its axis?

Clip thinking is a logical result of differentiation of information received by humans. Separation of knowledge increased immensely in the last two-three decades against the background of compressing historic time. But previously, on the morning of civilization, knowledge was whole, and the time did not flash by week by week but allowed for consistently think out for oneself and create masterpieces.

According to the canons of “evolution”, a modern human being must be significantly superior in his wisdom to those living thousands of years ago. But there is something wrong here. It is impossible to imagine a bum at the garbage site being Diogenes in the barrel. Or a bureaucrat understanding Plato’s philosophy. Or a businessman siding with the teachings of Anaximander on the single.

Wise men before Christ, without laboratory facilities of Rutherford, knew about atoms and similarities between microworld and macroworld, knew about the universal noumenon and taught about the transcendental. There is only one explanation to it, and it is logical. Never have ancestors been more stupid than descendants. Just the opposite, they knew more and thanks to this knowledge they could do more. There is no evolution. There is only dependence of a local со-Бытия (Event) on a general task of Бытия (Being), that’s all.

Today information has become so fragmented, that fragments became capable of diffusion, interpenetration, and can fuse again and become solid Knowledge as before. It is a sin not to use this opportunity, but there will be no other: now is the time to choose – to save ourselves understanding how the World is built in reality or to get unknowingly into the orifice of the earthly hell.

There is something to support oneself to push. The World is shaped. Among all shapes the absolute one is a sphere with its smallest surface area of all possible ones. Pythagorus taught about spheres. According to Poincare any infinity headed into one point also becomes a sphere. Perelman came up with a formula how to fold the sphere of the universe into one point and then how to unfold it. That’s the key to those who did not become a degenerate but grew. The thing is the sphere.

The sphere is different from other shapes that it does not have a beginning or end. It is strange – is it unlimited and infinite? How can it be? It figures that it can, even though it is not comprehended by our mind. The mind yells – absurd, illogical, I do not accept it! Let it not accept it. Besides the mind there is раз-ум (reason), the first mind. The Reason agrees with the infinity and with absence of beginning of the sphere too.

Not separate universes, but the World as a whole is infinite and beginningless, anything else is unreasonable. Here is the world первоформа (first form) – a self-contained sphere. In the middle of the sphere – средоточие (focal point), something like a point, and it is universal. The environment oozes, flows from the First Point.

Everything in the world first has a form of a sphere with a point in the middle, also thoughts. They are нетелесное (incorporeal), they exist everywhere and eternally, therefore they are undoubtedly initial. Plato declared the world of thoughts the true reality, and the world of things – only a shadow of the mother. In this order, there is world division into the unlimited present beyond the limit and the limited illusory within the limit.

In the straightforward originally Russian language, the present is what really and without deception exists. Plato from El-Lada called the truth the essence of the real world. For those who don’t know, I tell you: truth is knowledge without error; at rest they are thoughts sleeping in the dark: memory; in movement – thought woken by the light: ideas. The real, original World is standing and moving at the same time, and there is no end to this action of the ordered circulation of life.

In the Russian language the present will also be that which divides into two parts the past and future of events. Here, twice present, truth is hidden beyond the limit world Essence, Whole Knowledge, правремя (pre-time). The present is true Life, when there is awareness and energy in excess.

What’s within limit is limited. Any time differs from the preceding pre-time by not being infinite, and this is an illusion. Any life begins and ends, and that is also an illusion. The limited is granted temporarily a measure of Essence to live, and it will get the present fate and destiny according to its awareness.

Understand this. There is beyond the limit the all-containing Present, and there is within limits the illusory containing nothing, as if the past and as if the future of events. Realities are illusory, they are just imitations of the reality, that’s all. Only adjacent spaces, time wastes are more illusory than times of events.

Let’s equate truth and sphere. They are both infinite and beginningless. Both are whole, without any excess, defects or faults, i.e. they are ideal in content and form. Here, truth is spherical, sphere is ideal. United, the World aimed outside – is a whole of countless static truths, a sphere within a sphere. The World aimed inside – is one, common, Point of concentration of truths in the center, unreachable world Middle.

Beyond the limit, Life is implemented as pre-time at once on all the world spheres in harmony, immense and all-out indescribable unity. In the limit, it’s like life of any living being is portrayed outside by one limitless sphere-truth with its inextricable connection with the common center.

The period of the utter, its time, will be an exit of the present to the illusion. Understand this: the light of the Essence always comes from the world center and is reflected from the inner surface of the sphere of the truth meant for the concrete limited world according to its measure. In the mirror of this truth appears a reflection; seemingly external, temporal, sphere as if living but illusory reality.

It seems like we are talking nonsense, which cannot be taken seriously. However, our life coincides with this description of the world life! The planet has the form of a sphere. We live in the thin layer of time on its periphery. The Earth center is full of energy, the nature of which is not known to people.

The other-worldly spherical Truth of the Earth during the ages was called different names: terra firma dividing the waters, skies – не-бесами (heaven, free of devil), sphere of Reason – planet noosphere, one information field, etc. The most exact would be to call the earth edge the sphere of Reason, noosphere. Because it is the place for the super-reasonable earthly God, the one for all living under God.

You are taught that any atom between the core and electron orbit is empty. On the microworld level the Earth consisting of atoms is also like empty, but this in both cases is nor so. Outside the illusory space, the Planet con-sists of an innumerable quantity of sphere-truths of parallel worlds, hidden in the dark until the time comes. This is the general, true picture of the earthly universe.

The next planetary “reality”, for instance, our world is reflection from one of the Planet’s noospheres. This noosphere in time is lighted by the Essence and presents in its external limited time, that is capacity to show the life of events. Of course, the time and space of the “reality” are finite due to their definitiveness.

At the end of time, more correctly – times, the life with its plot shown on the spherical screen of the noosphere must disappear. In the cycle, the Essence immediately lights from the Point the nearest to the diseased sphere-truth in the body of the unlimited Planet. The illuminated noosphere will reflect the similar life from the beginning, and the measure of time of the new world is still full and has not been used up yet.

The earthly biosphere is a pair to the noosphere. Humanity is one with the Planet. At the end of times people have forgotten and distorted many things. The mirror of the noosphere became clouded and shows beasts instead of the Creator. The Creator turned his Face away from those who betrayed Him and will not save them.

Thinking is the muscle of God and there is no other. In its nature the World is за-Мысел, до-Мысел, по-Мысел и про-Мысел (concept, speculation, intention, and disposition). In the beginning every living thing is со-Знание (conscience/co-Knowledge), measure of Knowledge, a part of Essence. Conscience determines the future in под-виге, по-ступке и про-ступке (feat, action and misdemeanor).

In the pre-language thinking is literally making of thoughts, production of thought forms – local informational-energetic structures in the multistructure of the universe. At the same time, an idea appearing in the endlessly ordered world environment must immediately and completely change the entire World, which either calls for impossible amounts of energy, or happens completely without energy losses, just at the will of the Creator. Therefore, thoughts are allowed and planned by the Creator, it is a universal tool of world creation. Conscience is awareness of Knowledge, the essence of the Creator. It is exactly so and not otherwise.

This is the most important thing to understand: Knowledge is always and everywhere without limitations. You need permission to receive your knowledge and you will be a prophet in the feat or a villain in the misdemeanor. Thought are permitted by the Essence Maker, and to each his own. I was allowed to give Praveds to people, the teaching of the single God, and I did.

To avoid mistakes, everything already happened in the Present. The Present is the Past, there are numerous variations of the Past between one End and one Beginning. Every living thing can choose their own way from the past to the future before returning again to the World, to the Present, but before he was illusory. The chosen way is the fate.

Why does the Present need illusion? Illusion is a mirror into which it looks and corrects Itself according to the reflection. Thus, periphery influences the center of the world sphere. And we on the edge influence the Knowledge with our conscience changing the world in this way, and there is hope here.

Death awaits us all here in this world. But we can transform, if we call for the one earthly God. If he decides that we repented and changed in our souls, he will return to heaven and give those who are lost what they lost – common reason. Reason will reproduce time to live under God, and there will be heavenly morning.

I say as it had told me.