Vit. Представление

Just like astronomical observatories are situated in special places of the planet to observe celestial bodies in the maximally transparent undistorted environment, to trace the ways of heavenly wanderers, so the most complete and harmonious interaction with the noosphere, the reasonable shell of the Earth, is better achieved in rare virgin places, which haven’t lost their natural beauty and preserve the eternal secret of the past all-encompassing unity.

One of such places will be Russian Karelia, the edge of the legendary northern motherland of the bright humanity Raseya-Hyperborea, the land of the bubbling noospheric springs.

Karelia. Petrozavodsk. Autumn of 1992. The midnight September sky was bright and starry. The street lamps’ light was reflected in the myriad of sparks by the wet leaves of the tall trees of the boulevard. I was walking home thinking to myself.

My only companion turned out to be my acquaintance, Vera Viktorovna, who lived nearby. Then she suddenly stopped and exclaimed showing upward with her hand: “Look, look!” I looked up: stars were rapidly moving across the entire sky. In a moment they arranged themselves into an enormous human Star Face. And this Face looked into me; it penetrated the depth of my soul and saturated it. This face was God, and it was given to me to know Him.

Everything happened quickly. The face of the One Watching into me from the sky moved behind the tree crowns sparkling with rain drops and disappeared. But I knew Пр´аведы (Pravedy), the Book of End and Beginning and became the guide.

And Vera Viktorovna became a nun. Once I saw her on the local TV, now as nun Xenia.